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Learn How To Deploy Delphi 10.3 Rio FireMonkey Apps In The Cloud Via HTML5

Delphi 10.3 Rio FireMonkey apps are cross platform with a single codebase and single UI that target the Android, IOS, Macos, Windows, and Linux platforms (FMXLinux was recently added to Delphi 10.3 Rio Enterprise and Architect). You can also deploy Delphi FireMonkey apps to the web using websockets and HTML5. The method for doing this is basically the FireMonkey app runs on a Windows or Linux server and it’s canvas draws are sent to the web browser via a websocket. Each user connection runs one copy of the app on the server (so one user one app). The server is running the app so it needs enough hardware for however many concurrent apps you want to run.

For FireMonkey Windows apps this can be achieved through Thinfinity VirtualUI. Thinfinity is a commercial product which a cost per concurrent user. The user connects to the Thinfinity server, Thinfinity launches the FireMonkey app, handles the user input, and sends the drawing to the browser client. Thinfinity has been around for quite a few years and I would consider it a pretty mature product. It supports enterprise features like load balancing and ActiveDirectory login. You can also use it with Windows apps written in other languages (like C++ and C#).

For FireMonkey Linux apps this can be achieved through FMXLinux and Gtk Broadwayd. FMXLinux is also a commercial product but has recently been made available to Delphi 10.3 Rio Enterprise and Architect developers for free (just open GetIt and install it). FMXLinux allows FireMonkey apps to run on Linux desktops using the Gtk UI library. Gtk comes with an application called Broadwayd which will stream the Gtk app out to HTML5 via websockets. Broadwayd runs on a single port (8080) per app and you can click compile in Delphi 10.3 Rio and see your FireMonkey app in the browser served up from you Linux machine if you start the broadwayd server prior to deployment. If you want to run a pool of FireMonkey apps on Linux like Thinfinity does on Windows you can set up a Linux bash script to do so.

The purpose of the bash script is to run X number of FireMonkey apps through broadwayd (remember 1 app per port) and then use a load balancer make all of the apps accessible via a single port. In order to do this second part there is a Linux package called balance which can do this for you. One limitation of it is that it will only do 16-32 apps in it’s app pool unless you compile the source yourself. You can install balance with “sudo apt install balance” on Ubuntu or “yum install balance” on CentOS. Broadwayd and balance are open source and free applications but the solution is also not as polished as Thinfinity UI. You could also build something in Delphi using TidMappedPortTCP instead of using balance. For commercial deployments I’d recommend going with Thinfinity though.

Here is the sample bash script I put together which handles hosting multiple apps on a single port for you. Save the script as gtkcloud.sh and “chmod +x gtkcloud.sh”. It takes two parameters. The first parameter is the path to the app you want to run and the second parameter is the port you want to run the load balanced app on.

for i in {1..16}
    nohup broadwayd :$i &
    export GDK_BACKEND=broadway
    export BROADWAY_DISPLAY=:$i
    $1 &
    #echo ""


for ii in {1..16}
    let port=8080+$ii
    servers="$servers localhost:$port:1 %"

echo $servers

balance $2 $servers

Example usage is as follows and would host 16 instances of /root/FireMonkeyPaintDemo on port 81.

./gtkcloud.sh /root/FireMonkeyPaintDemo 81

And that is all there is to it. You can run your Delphi FireMonkey apps on Android, IOS, Macos, Windows, Linux, AND the web using a single codebase and single UI.

Download the gtkcloud broadwayd + balance bash script for hosting Delphi FireMonkey FMXLinux apps.

Don’t have Delphi 10.3 Rio Enterprise or Architect? You can still use FMXLinux with you Delphi Pro FireMonkey apps.

Head over and check out the full website for FMXLinux and learn about deploying Delphi desktop apps to Linux.

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13 Amazing Component Sets Driving Success In Delphi Berlin On Android And IOS

There are quite a few Firemonkey component sets available for Delphi Berlin which can get you ahead of the game when developing for Android and IOS. Think of component developers as another part of your team: they do the foundation work for you so you can focus on the actual functionality. Here are thirteen of these component set developers which give you access to everything from FFMPEG video playback to amazing grid capabilities to in app payments to cross platform math libraries to artificial intelligence libraries to scripting components to database access components to native maps to bar code reading and even enhanced camera functionality. Achieving success through third party components is a powerful developer force multiplier.

Alexander Sviridenkov provides the HTML Component Library which contains an HTML Component Library, an HTML Report Library, and an HTML Editor Library. The components are written in Object Pascal and do not use WebView or any other plugins or third party controls. The library contains an HTML parser, an XML parser, a CSS parser, DOM classes with JQuery support, SVG rendering, HTTP/HTTPS clients, and an HTML rendering engine.

Devart provides enterprise grade universal data access component suite called UniDAC. This is an amazing data access component suite which provides direct database access from Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac for a variety of databases. It is possible to connect to Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite without using a client library with these components. They also have a SecureBridge offering which provides SSH, SSL, and SFTP components for Firemonkey in Delphi Berlin.

Dew Research provides MtxVec which is an object oriented numerical library for mathematical, signal processing and statistical functionality. On Windows machines it leverages mathematical, signal processing and statistical SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.2 and Intel AVX 1.0 and AVX 2.0 instruction sets. The add ones for MtxVec are DSP Master which is the advanced signal processing package, Stats Master which is the statistical package, and Data Miner which are the artificial intelligence enabling components.

Flash AV Software Corp. provides professional components based on the FFMPEG library and they have a huge number of features. If you are doing video playback professionally on Android and IOS this is the component set to have. They have FFMPEG wrappers for Android, IOS, Windows, and OSX but their components are separated by platform. It features H264 Hardware Decoder playback on some devices devices and support both ARMV7 and ARMV7S CPUs. The formats it supports are all formats supported by FFMPEG and in addition it can play videos from memory stream, HTTP, HTTPS, RTMP, and MMS.

JVESoft provides the JVESoft Components Suite which is a large set of components which are vary useful for any developer releasing professional consumer level apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The suite comes with a large number of third party ad component integrations, analytics, in app purchases, push notifications, simplified setting storage and social login components.

Mitov Software provides quite a few components but for Firemonkey in Delphi Berlin they offer IntelligenceLab, AnimationLab, and LogicLab. IntelligenceLab consists of components with everything from classifiers, to converters, to filters, to generators, to timing components, to training components. These components could be used to build OCR applications, computer vision functionality, SPAM filters, AI, speech recognition, and decision making functionality. AnimationLab comes with three different components which are ALTimeline which allows you to manipulate components and their properties based on a timeline, ALMass which allows you to apply mass effects to Firemonkey 3D components, and ALDrag which allows you to apply drag effects. LogicLab allows you to simulate and display logic conditions using tools like logic operators, segment decoders, binary encoding & decoding, ALU & magnitude comparer, and more.

RiversoftAVG provides a number of component sets including SVG Component Library, Charting Component Suite, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic, and Inference Engine Component Libraries.  The SVG Component Library allows you to Load, Edit and Save SVGs as SVG and Delphi Binary. Vector graphics are drawn at runtime which allows them to appear smooth regardless of the resolution and DPI of the device. The Charting Component Suite has over 19 different chart types which include area, arrow, pie, line shape, bubble, donut, candlestick, and graph to name a few. The Genetic Algorithms set is a powerful genetic algorithms and genetic programming solution. The Fuzzy Logic set has 29 different fuzzy hedges like addition, about, not, very, normalize, and many more. It does fuzzy correlation and inference. Finally, the Inference Engine is a powerful set of components which implement rule based intelligence and fuzzy logic.

Steema provides TeeChart Pro which is a charting component library that offers hundreds of Graph styles in 2D and 3D for data visualization, 56 mathematical, statistical and financial Functions for you to choose from together with an unlimited number of axes and 30 Palette components. Additionally, they have the Steema Business Intelligence component set which is open source and in active development. The SteeBI project is set to provide the an effective way for specialists and analysts to turn data into meaningful visualizations and reports.

TMS Software provides a massive number of Firemonkey interface and data exchange components. They include TMS Charts, TMS Cloud Pack, TMS FNC Chart, TMS FNC UI Pack, TMS Filters, TMS FlexCel, TMS Pack, TMS WebGMaps, TMS WebOSMaps, TMS iCL, and TMS mCL all for Firemonkey. There are all kinds of buttons, HTML components, charts, gauges, web browsers, maps, native controls, Excel components, cloud connections, and much much more. All of the Firemonkey components can be licensed as one giant Firemonkey Component Studio or each set can be licensed separately. Additionally, they provide a set of business components with ORM, scripting, workflow, REST/JSON libs, data replication, and data modeling functionality.

VIRT Laboratory’s paxCompiler provides an amazing set of Object Pascal, Basic, and Javascript scripting components. It is an embeddable compiler and interpreter engine that allows you to import the interface sections from your Delphi Berlin units and access the rest of your code from the interpreted script itself. You can access the main form of your application from the interpreted script for example. It also supports compiling executables on Windows and evaluating script at runtime. If you’re building any kind of scripting into your apps be sure to take a look.

WinSoft provides a huge number of individual components and library wrappers for accessing various devices like bar code recognition readers, the device cameras, COM ports, JDBC, DirectX Joystick, JSON files, CSV files, NFC, PDF, HID USB, and many more. Check each individual component for it’s device compatibility because they all vary across Android, IOS, OSX, and Windows. You can also get all of the components in one giant Winsoft Component Package.

Woll2Woll provides a versatile grid component suite called FirePower for all the Firemonkey platforms in Delphi Berlin which are Android, IOS, OSX, and Windows. It allows you to embed controls like buttons and images into the grid. It supports multiple columns and you can multiple select columns as well. It has seamless filtering and allows you to use in memory information from FireDAC and TClientDataSet. Records or cells can have custom fonts or custom colors for even more flexibility.

There are many more free and commercial Firemonkey components out there from other developers and vendors that we weren’t able to cover in this article.

Check out other Firemonkey posts to find out more about them!

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Convert Delphi VCL Apps To Firemonkey Android And IOS Apps With Mida Converter

The Mida Team has released an updated version of the Mida Converter with support for Delphi XE6 Firemonkey. What Mida Converter does is take your existing VCL app and convert it to a Firemonkey app which can either be for desktop or mobile devices. There are quite a few new features in this release which look pretty useful for mobile developers building apps for Android and IOS devices. Mida Studio now supports the option to convert a VCL app to a mobile app and use either the DPF for IOS or the DPF for Android controls. What this might allow you to do might be to have one VCL codebase that you convert into Android and IOS versions that use the native components of each platform. It also might be easier to build a VCL app and then convert it to a Firemonkey app for IOS and target the DPF for IOS controls without having to build up the whole DPF IOS control setup yourself. It is also able to target the TMS iCL native components for IOS in addition to DPF. The new feature list claims it can do a total conversion from VCL to Firemonkey without having to add exceptions for specific components. It does mention however that single click conversion may not be possible with all applications because of the complexities involved. Some of the features that pertain to converting mobile apps are only in Mida Studio which is the more expensive version of this commercial utility.

Head over and read the full release notes for Mida Converter 4.2 on the Embarcadero forum. Or head directly to the Mida Converter website to purchase the utility and begin converting your VCL apps to run cross platform.

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