Some APIs in the Android SDK are not fully exposed to Delphi XE5 and XE6 Firemonkey (and AppMethod) by default. The Android SDK needed Object Pascal interface files created to make it easier to access those APIs. There are three different automated solutions available to make this happen. I went ahead and used Java2pas against the entire set of android.jar files for Android 7, Android 8, Android 10, Android 12, Android 14, Android 15, Android 16, Android 17, and Android 19. Java2pas automatically created 3,412 interface files for Android 19 which is Android 4.4 Kitkat. Depending on which Android version you want to target you should use the interface files from that version of Android. I took all of the generated interface files from all of the Android SDK versions and uploaded them to Github. There is everything from to android.speech.tts.TextToSpeech to android.nfc.NfcAdapter to android.opengl.GLES30 to android.os.Vibrator to android.provider.ContactsContract and literally thousands of more interfaces. What is awesome about all of these interfaces is that you can access all of them without having to modify the classes.dex file which you would have to do if this was a third party JAR.

Head over and check out the full set of Android SDK Object Pascal interface files on Github.

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